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Design document, steps. walkthrough guide

Discussion and Assignment Redevelopment

The Challenge: How do we empower students to successfully complete an unfamiliar discussion style on a complex, scaffolding topic? Background: This project involved information and interests from a number of different stakeholders. These included the SME, the enterprise architecture project manager, various technologist, and an external vendor. The Solution: As the primary curriculum specialist for …

Group Work Re-Imagined

Group Work Re-imagined

The Challenge: How do we create a professional conference presentation and accompanying resources with multiple team members, transitions and concurrent projects? The Solution: My colleagues and I met regularly to brainstorm, divide work and create deliverables. I contributed to content generation and finalization, speech development and meeting facilitation. Preview (including elements for live presentation, e.g., …

Researcher Bias - PPT to Rise

PowerPoint Presentation Revamp

The Challenge: How do we avoid “death by PowerPoint” and encourage students to open and review the presentation information? The Solution: The SME and I played with the idea of combining a podcast feel with visual and written content to reinforce the information that was being shared. I used Articulate Rise for this revamp. By …